In January, Spring Branch ISD launched a new program for 3-year-olds at their Panda Path PreK, on-site at SBFDC. The “Pre-3” Program is a natural fit to complement PreK (for 4s) and our Family U program. Family U provides hands-on early childhood development programming four days/week for parents and their children, ages 0-3. Our Family U 3-year-old participants now attend Family U in the morning and transition to “Pre-3” in the afternoon.

Upon opening the Pre-3 program, two half-day classes filled immediately, and a waiting list began to grow to the equivalent of two more classes. Moving quickly, SBISD hired another teacher, ultimately adding 2 teachers and 70 new students to Panda Path in 6 weeks.

We are proud of SBISD’s innovative work and are excited to see kids grow stronger through these efforts. Read more about “Pre-3s” and its on-site impact at SBFDC on SBISD’s School Zone Blog.