Family U is Spring Branch Family Development Center’s initiative to emphasize early childhood development in children ages 0 to 3.

In the world over, it is proven that the development at 0 to 3 is extremely critical. If quality investment is made during these years, there is a higher potential for return on that investment than any other age. We want to see our clients attain success, and that investment must begin early. Consequently, Family U offers the parents of children, 0 to 3 years of age, the necessary tools to nurture, guide and support their children toward an independent and healthy adulthood. Family U’s aim is to educate parents, affirm their vital role in their child’s education, and help them to realize that a child’s education and development begins at birth, and in the home.

The success of the Harlem Children’s Zone’s “Baby College,” inspired the SBFDC Board of Directors to develop a program to focus on 0 to 3 child development; “Family U” began in 2014, in partnership with leadership from Panda Path.

The program is fondly referred to as a “Mother’s Day In.” Community mothers bring their 0-3 chilP1320023dren with them to class to learn parenting tips from trained professionals through regular classes, try out new approaches with their children, receive guidance, and form a community of support among themselves.

The program focuses on: brain development, nutrition, health, behavioral management, home safety, language development, bonding/attachment, self-care.

Family U holds bi-weekly classes with our program coordinator, and weekly lectures. Along with the confidence, community, and care being built through the programs, we are pleased to see several parents who are volunteering at Panda Path, too!

For more information, call 713-996-8781.