Therapy Connections is a pediatric clinic that offers speech therapy, occupational, and physical therapy services.

A core philosophy of Therapy Connections is that it is essential to share treatment strategies with parents, teachers and medical professionals to successfully help children develop their comprehensive skills and recognize their potential.

At SBFDC, Therapy Connections offers speech therapy services. Consult with Therapy Connections when children demonstrate difficulty with the following: understanding others, following directions, expressing wants and needs, are frustrated when communicating, have a limited vocabulary, have difficulty with pronunciation, cannot maintain eye contact or attention, have problem interacting with other children, among other problems.

 Please call 713-839-8255 for an appointment.  

You can also fill out their contact form or visit their website at:

Hours at SBFDC:

2:00PM-6:00PM – Monday – Thursday

2:00PM-5:00PM – Friday