The SBFDC’s motivation to host the Health Fair is to ensure that school-aged children have their immunizations up-to-date to be healthy and able to attend school on the first day.

As we know, school absences can result in unfilled classrooms, less funding for schools and kids missing out on educational time.

We are pleased to share the impact of the 2017 Health Fair:

  • Attendees: 3,500-4,000
  • Vaccines: 1,110 Children Served
  • Boxed Lunches: 1,100
  • Dental Sealants: 85
  • Dental Education: 200
  • Adult Health Screenings (Glucose, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol): 90
  • Agencies Represented: 40
  • Volunteers: 300+
  • Backpacks and School Supplies: 2,200