Giving Kids Their Voices

Speech & Language Therapy at SBFDC

Promoting the healthy development of children is immensely important within the Spring Branch Family Development Center’s mission to strengthen families and build a healthier community.

A key on-site collaborative partner, Therapy Connections PC, provides bilingual speech and language therapyOriginally based in Bellaire, Therapy Connections loved our collaborative mission and worked with us, in 2009, to open a second site at the SBFDC, after being introduced to us by a former board member.

Last year, Therapy Connections provided 2800+ units of valuable therapy to children at SBFDC. Along with providing excellent services, Therapy Connections is known for going the extra mile to facilitate access for families to receive services, and to collaborate with other SBFDC partners. 

Every year, Therapy Connections provides free speech and language screenings for our Family U children and Panda Path PreK students. This month, Therapy Connections is offering free speech screenings, too. These screenings give families valuable developmental information.

Anyone who has children, or has worked in schools, knows it is incredibly beneficial to detect speech and language problems earlyAt Panda Path, a family with an autistic child began to receive treatment from Therapy Connections, and is connected with SBISD resources. This early intervention will greatly benefit their transition to elementary school. Last year, a Family U child showed a need for therapy, and after receiving it through Therapy Connections, they entered PreK on track with their peers. Both of these families also benefited from on-site access to Medicaid enrollment. 

Prior to serving at the SBFDC, Therapy Connections received 3rd party insurance reimbursement. To serve more children, Therapy Connections underwent the process to apply to become a preferred provider for all five Medicaid insurance plans. When their clients showed a need for occupational therapy to support their speech and language development, they applied to become a registered outpatient occupational therapy establishment.  Pursuing these application processes took dedication and focus, and meant retooling policies, procedures, and billing to comply with each agency’s specific criteria.

Therapy Connections enthusiastically serves our other on-site partners, as well. During a SBFDC Service Providers’ Meeting, Therapy Connections’ Director, Leila, heard there was interest in starting a new exercise class for youth at Boys and Girls Club. Because she loves collaborating, and is a certified kids’ yoga instructor, Therapy Connections’ Director, Leila, offered to lead a weekly yoga class. She is also teaching a Boys and Girls’ staff how to lead the class. 

Therapy Connections embodies the SBFDC’s spirit of collaboration and we are excited every time we (literally) hear the impact that they have on children’s ability to communicate and use their voices.

We are glad to have them as an active part of our team!